Top 10 Web Hosting Billing Software in 2024

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Despite what many believe, web hosting is not an old-fashioned business. Rather, it is a thriving online business. Every day, thousands of new websites are launched, and the number of web hosting providers is on the rise. In addition, several invoicing software companies are flourishing, with online businesses seeking billing and invoice applications to expedite their payment processes.

There are no longer delays in billing since providers no longer have to handle manual billing, ambiguous transactions, and false invoices. If your customer makes a payment error, it will reduce your profits and negatively affect your reputation online.

If you are thinking of opening a web hosting company, one of your top priorities should be premium billing software that will handle all your invoices. Here are the Top 10 billing applications and automation platforms accessible to web hosting providers.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall


      WHMCS is a web hosting management software that provides a wide range of features, including client management, billing, order processing, and support ticketing.
  • Best for Growing


      Blesta is a modern client billing and management solution that assists in managing a web hosting or software as a service (SaaS) company.
  • HostBill

      HostBill is an all-in-one billing and automation software specifically tailored for web hosts.

Top 10 Web Hosting Billing Software and Automation Platforms for Web Hosting Providers

Managing a web hosting business can be complex, especially when it comes to billing and customer management. Web hosting billing software and automation platforms can help streamline these processes and make it easier to run your business. Here are the top 10 web hosting billing software and automation platforms for web hosting providers:

  1. WHMCS
  2. Blesta
  3. HostBill
  4. ClientExec
  5. Ubersmith
  6. BillingServ
  7. BILLmanager
  8. BoxBilling
  9. Atomia
  10. HopeBilling



whmcs- webhosting billing software - sumitkumarpradhan

WHMCS is a popular, highly reliable, all-in-one billing, web hosting billing management solution and an extremely accurate one. It has one of the best-automated interfaces, making it efficient to manage your business.

The open-source billing system provides excellent documentation, and it is compatible with renowned domain registrars and control panels, so flexibility will not be a problem. WHMCS provides third-party application integration, local APIs, and high-level development tools. Hosts can adjust the changes according to their needs.

This solution is more versatile and effective in managing products, clients, and invoices. Collecting payments, sending out invoices, and setting up billing reminders can be tedious. To do this manually is difficult and time-consuming.

Features of using WHMCS

1) Automate provisioning of products and services

2) Support for multiple payment gateways

3) Automatic billing and invoicing

4) Automated account creation and termination

5) Comprehensive client management features

6) Flexible ticketing system

7) Built-in support for many popular domain registrars

8) WHMCS is constantly being improved and updated by our developers

9) Free lifetime support and free software updates

10) Fully localized in over 20 languages

11) Modular design allowing for complete customization

12) API access for integration with 3rd party applications

13) Hundreds of add-ons and plugins are available

14) Fully responsive mobile-friendly interface

Pricing :

  • Plus: Up to 250 Active Clients : $18.95
  • Professional: Up to 500 Active Clients : $29.95
  • Business: Up to 1000 Active Clients : $44.95
  • Business 2500: Up to 2500 Active Clients : $99.95
  • Business 5000: Up to 5000 Active Clients : $174.95
  • Business 10000: Up to 10000 Active Clients : $299.95

For this reason, many popular web hosts recommend WHMCS as their preferred interface. With WHMCS, a merchant can generate detailed reports for their customers.

Clients can manage their accounts conveniently through a client area. No matter your level of experience with web hosting, WHMCS has a user-friendly API, ORM, and ticketing system to get up and running quickly.

So get started today with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee



blesta hosting billing software sumitkumarpradhan

Blesta is a popular developer-friendly and open-source billing platform for hosting providers. It has a well-written code, making it one of the safer invoicing and billing software available. With the responsive interface, your clients can pay from their mobile phones as well.

With its designed interface, customers and hosting professionals can interact easily. Blesta provides fast access to next-level client profiles and related tasks. It is compatible with popular control panels, virtual private servers, and domain registrars. The billing dashboard, a client area, etc. are easily customizable even by nontechnical users.

Once you download Blesta, you can start using it immediately, without ambiguities. Even your new staff will feel in control and the loop. The software also has a feature for managing clients, which provides a quick overview of the customer along with payment information.

Another strength of Blesta is its automation, which is why it is giving top billing platforms like WHMCS a run for their money.

Features of using Blesta:

1. Modular design– Blesta’s modular design allows you to pick and choose which features you want to use, making it a very flexible platform.

2. Automatic updates– Blesta automatically updates itself, so you always have the latest version without having to worry about manually updating it.

3. Scalable– Blesta is highly scalable, so it can grow with your business.

4. Support for multiple languages– Blesta supports multiple languages, making it easy to use for customers from all over the world.

5. Free trial– Blesta offers a free trial, so you can try it out before you commit to buying it.

6. Affordable– Blesta is very affordable, especially considering all of the features it offers.

7. Easy to use– Blesta is very easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with web hosting platforms.

8. Excellent customer support– Blesta has excellent customer support, so you can always get help


Owned License

blesta owned license sumitkumarpradhan

Monthly License

blesta monthly license sumitkumarpradhan

Support is available through a ticket system, email, or the client portal. To learn more, visit their website.

Get a 30-Day Free Trial



hostbill sumitkumarpradhan

HostBill is a popular billing solution for web hosting. It provides stable billing, automation, support, premium billing, and client management solutions. HostBill is ideal for companies that want to expand their clientele internationally due to its multilingual support.

HostBill centralizes all client information and interactions, reducing confusion and hassle. The system keeps your contacts organized and allows your support and sales team to view orders, support case status, etc. It has more features than the average invoicing system.

It not only offers automated billing and hosting services but also provides support solutions and management strategies to improve your growth in the web hosting market.

In addition, new software is regularly updated and the release cycle is fast. Hostbill allows you to integrate control panels, apps, order pages, and client portals.

Features of using HostBill:

  • Ease of Use: The software is designed to be very user-friendly, with a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate.
  • Flexibility: HostBill offers a wide range of features and options that allow you to tailor the software to your specific needs.
  • Security: HostBill takes security seriously, with multiple layers of protection to keep your data safe.
  • Reliability: The software is built on a robust platform that is designed to be stable and reliable.
  • Customer Support: HostBill offers excellent customer support, with a team of knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always happy to help.

Pricing :

hostbill pricing sumitkumarpradhan

Not just that, there is also a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

So get started today.



clientexec Sumitkumarpradhan

ClientExec provides hosting companies with top-level automation services and it manages the entire process, including integrating plug-ins, invoicing, automating domain registrations, support, and setting hosting accounts.

ClientExec is compatible with the most prominent payment processors. It gives a brief overview of your client and the package they are trying to purchase. If you run a reselling company, this solution will meet all your hosting requirements.

ClientExec also enhances the support capabilities of your company with a top-notch ticketing system.

Features of using ClientExec:

– ClientExec is a great way to manage your clients and keep track of their billing.

– ClientExec makes it easy to create invoices and process payments.

– ClientExec offers a variety of reports that can help you track your business progress.

– ClientExec integrates with several popular payment processors.

– ClientExec is a scalable solution that can grow with your business.

Pricing :

clientexec pricing sumitkumarpradhan

30-Day Trial. Unlimited Clients. Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime



Ubersmith sumitkumarpradhan

Ubersmith is a powerful billing platform with advanced automation capabilities. It is an all-in-one billing system for multiple currencies, so if you do business overseas, you no longer need to convert payments after making the purchase.

The platform supports API and HPP integration, which includes SSL providers, domain registrars, merchant providers, and electronic payment systems. Invoice recurrence, product catalogs, and payment automation are also available.

The process of ordering and paying is intuitive and quick. The onboarding process is smooth, and your invoices are accurate and precise, thanks to Ubersmith’s dedicated invoicing team, which ensures client satisfaction.

Features of using Ubersmith:

  • Real-time usage tracking and billing of all services
  • Flexible service packaging and pricing options
  • Ability to offer free trials or coupons for promotional purposes
  • Customer self-service portal for account management
  • Integrated help desk and ticketing system
  • Advanced reporting and analytics tools


ubersmith pricing sumitkumarpradhan

The price of your subscription varies according to your usage, so it’s best to contact the sales team for a quote.

Starting at $500/ per month
In today’s business world, a strong online presence is more important than ever. If you’re not working on building your brand and expanding your reach online, you’re falling behind.

If invoicing is a top priority, give this platform your undivided attention.

Schedule a Demo before you get a copy of it.



BillingServ makes billing convenient and effortless. With its easy-to-use cloud invoicing system, the platform has grown in popularity over the past few years. It has been certified as ISO 27001 compliant and features robust DDoS protection.

BillingServ is safe and user-friendly. All payments are processed with the highest level of privacy, thanks to BillingServ’s three layers of security. Providing end-to-end billing automation for web hosting startups, they’re PCI compliant. The security level of this software makes it one of the better platforms.

Feature of BillingServ

BillingServ is robust and feature-rich billing software that makes it easy to manage your customer invoices, payments, and other billing-related tasks. Some of the key features of BillingServ include:

Customizable invoice templates

Automatic payment reminders

Online payments

Integrated accounting

Multi-currency support

And much more!


billingserv pricing sumitkumarpradhan

The level of security of this platform makes it a major contender.

Start your free 14-day trial today.



billmanager sumit kumar pradhan

BILLmanager is a platform that lets you automate your billing for domains, hosting services, and IAAS products. It is suitable for hosting companies of all sizes. It supports a wide range of payment gateways, ensuring smoother payment processes.

Invoicing is automated, but manual invoicing is available for complex transactions. Like other billing and automation programs, Billmanager also supports ticketing systems.

Feature of BILLmanager

1. Automatic recurring payments

2. Online payment processing

3. Invoice customization

4. Billing period management

5. Discounts and promotions

6. Customer self-care portal

7. Support for multiple languages

8. Comprehensive API

Pricing :

  • Startup: Up to 200 Active Clients: €26.6
  • Advanced: Up to 300 Active Clients: €38
  • Corporate: Up to 1000 Active Clients: €227.99

The platform includes a live chat feature and other customer support features that help your clients communicate with you.

This software platform has many features that solidify its top ten spots.

Get a trial available for 30 days



BoxBilling sumit kumar pradhan

BoxBilling offers a robust, one-hundred percent open-source billing system that is powerful and simple. It can benefit business owners who require billing services for their web hosting services, or developers can benefit from it. A major feature is its security.

It’s common for users to feel a little insecure about the payment process since errors are possible. BoxBilling offers multiple languages and currencies, making it the perfect billing tool for web hosting companies.

The interface is also straightforward to use, so you’ll be able to adapt quickly. BoxBilling is compatible with many payment gateways and domain registrars.

Feature of BoxBilling

BoxBilling is free and open-source billing software that can be used by hosting providers, web design companies, freelancers, and other businesses that need to manage their customers, invoices, orders, and other billing-related tasks. BoxBilling comes with a wide range of features that make it a very powerful and flexible billing solution.

Some of the key features of BoxBilling include:

– Multi-language support

– Supports multiple currencies

– Recurring billing and subscription management

– Detailed invoicing and quoting

– Flexible tax management

– Client area with self-service tools

– Built-in ticketing system

– Automatic payment

With security as the top feature, BoxBilling is worth considering.

It’s free as in both free speech and free beer



atomia sumit kumar pradhan

Atomia provides complete web hosting management solutions. This list includes Atomia mainly due to its automation and billing services. Atomia supports a wide range of currencies and countries, and it is also a great choice for reselling companies. Users may choose an invoice delivery option, and various payment options are available to your customers.

Some of the key features of Atomia include:

-A simple and easy to use interface that makes managing your billing process easy

-The ability to create and manage multiple invoices

-A comprehensive reports system that provides businesses with insights into their billing process

-Integrated payment gateway that allows businesses to accept payments online

-Support for a wide range of currencies

-24/7 customer support to help businesses with any billing queries they may have.

If you are looking for comprehensive management solutions that support multiple currencies, Atomia is a great choice.

Get started with Atomia



HopeBilling rounds out this list of top billing and automation platforms. Readers probably did not expect HopeBilling to make the list. However, HopeBilling was an essential addition since it is both a free and premium billing software.

Even though it doesn’t accept as many payments or domain registrar options as other platforms, it can handle payments effectively. Using third-party templates, you can customize your invoice setup and enhance its appearance.

HopeBilling’s ticketing system is functional and is ideal for startups. As a whole, HopeBilling is perfect for smaller hosting and reselling companies or companies that are new to the market.

Features of HopeBilling

  • Ease of Use: The HopeBilling System is designed to be user-friendly. Its interface is easy to use and understand, making it simple to get started with billing your customers.
  • Customers Management: The HopeBilling System lets you easily manage your customers. You can add new customers, view customer details, and edit customer information.
  • Invoices and Estimates: The HopeBilling System lets you create invoices and estimates. You can also keep track of your invoices and estimates, and view their status.
  • Payments: The HopeBilling System lets you easily accept payments from your customers. You can view your payments, and track their status.
  • Reports: The HopeBilling System lets you generate reports to help you track your business performance. You can view reports on sales, customers, invoices, and more.

If expense and premium billing software is an issue, give HopeBilling a try as it’s completely free.

Try now for the Complete free Billing for hosting providers.

What is Web Hosting Billing software?

The yellow pages are a thing of the past. Whether a business is large or small, web hosting is not an option; it is necessary. If your company can not be found in a search engine, your business will not exist.

Businesses need a reliable and easily searchable website to establish an online presence. Without a website, your business will be difficult to find.

A website needs a website hosting platform to be online. Web hosting billing is one of the most complex aspects of web hosting. As a result, billing is highly complex, as there are many hosting plans, plugins, add-ons, certificates, and other optional fees.

Can you imagine trying to calculate everything with perfect accuracy? Now, to avoid billing-related errors, web hosting companies need web hosting billing software. These systems assist web hosting companies in managing a few core processes, including:

  • Client sign-up and product cancellation
  • Automated billing
  • Provisioning and management of products.
  • Payment gateway integration for receiving payments.


Web hosting billing software plays a crucial role in the success of a web hosting business.

With automation, integration with payment gateways, efficient client management and support, and robust security and data protection, these billing software platforms enable web hosting providers to streamline their billing processes and enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Stay updated with industry trends and market analysis to choose the best billing software for your web hosting business and ensure a strong online presence.

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