Top 10 Cheap Master Reseller Hosting in 2024

Sumit Pradhan

Are you considering starting a hosting service business to offer excellent services to clients? Master reseller hosting is what you need. Master reselling hosting allows you to sell hosting services to clients. Through this article, we shall discuss cheap master reseller hosting you should consider in 2024. There is a wide range of master reseller hosting options you can select. The main advantage is that most of them offer affordable services. The master reseller hosting makes it easy to access the client’s website. You do not have to wait for passwords and usernames.

We have reviewed the top 10 cheap master reseller hosting providers to help you acquire information when choosing one that suits your needs. The options listed are great for individuals, small businesses to large businesses. The review has listed the pros and cons of every reseller hosting to help you select. To be a great master reseller, you require high-performance computing power tools to help you manage the hosting business effectively.

Here List of the Top 10 cheap master reseller hosting

· GoSSDHosting

· Centriohost

· Hostedfire

· Hostseo

· Skynethosting

· Atreshost

· Asurahosting

· Intechcloudhosting

· Webhostbd

· Spataro

1. GoSSDHosting

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


GoSSDHosting was known as Host Big Space when it was launched in 2014. It changed to GoSSDHosting in 2019 after rebranding. Its headquarters are in India, but it has data centers in the U.S.A. The Company offers reseller hosting, shared hosting, domain registration, and VPS hosting. The website is easy to use and has all the necessary information. The information is in English, and prices are listed in dollars.


· Three plans with monthly payments.

· Convectional SSD storage

· One-click installer

· Instant activation

· Availability of complete white-label hosting


GoSSDHosting is a great place for start-up businesses, individuals, and developed businesses where you receive 24/7 customer service.

You are also offered a free domain reseller account that helps you set up your hosting businesses.

Your website is protected from intrusion and hacking.


· CompanyCompany offers free website builders to clients.

· There is SSD storage provided.

· The Company offers free SSL certificates.

· There is a guarantee of 99.95 percent availability for customers.

· 365/24/7 Availability of Help Desk Personnel


· There needs to be more knowledgebase.

· Resource limitation.


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

· Master plus $ 12 per month

· Mater pro $18 per month

· Master premium $27 per month

Free service

GoSSDHosting offers free domain reseller accounts and hardware resources. Further, you are offered free account migration; thus, you should be fine transferring large data amounts from the previous host.

2. Centriohost

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


Centriohost is a master reseller hosting company that helps you manage and enhance your hosting environment to put you ahead of the competition. Costs are calculated annually, and you may choose from four different hosting packages: shared hosting, reseller hosting, master reseller hosting, and alpha master reseller hosting. The hosting plans have common features like MySQL database, data transfer, and add-on domain. The reseller servers have secure optimization to ensure customers experience seamless website operations.


· The company has three plans

· Private name user available

· Uses quality hardware such as HP servers

· Billing software available


Are you looking for an environment-friendly hosting company? CentrioHost got you.

The installation process for web applications is one click away; thus, you can install multiple applications at once.

You have a money-back guarantee anytime you cancel your account within the subscription period.


· Free data migration from the previous host.

· Quality HP servers to efficient services.

· 24/7 award-winning customer care support.

· Maximum security for your website.

· Several methods of payment.


· The prices are averagely high compared to competitors.


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

Basic $159.9 per year

Ultra $90 per 6-months

Extreme $100 per 6 months.

Free services

The customers are provided with free domain names for the ultra and extreme package. Every client is provided with a risk-free trial

3. HostedFire

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


HostedFire is here to provide affordable and unlimited master reseller hosting services. The services have the latest cPanel and WHMRESELLERV5 modules. You are also guaranteed a 7-day cash refund with no questions asked. The master seller hosting service is user-friendly; you can install over 250 scripts such as word press, WHMCS, and others. Therefore, you can easily build and develop an excellent site in a minute.


· Three hosting plans with email accounts, fast servers, network security, and cloud technology.

· 100% White label

· Free data back-up

· One-click installer


· The master reseller hosting services delivered by HostedFire are excellent and ensure that the customer needs are met.

· The hosting plans include network security, fast servers for efficiency, and cloud technology.

· You are guaranteed safety on your website day and night as a third-party Company monitors it.


· Affordable prices.

· Excellent customer care services.

· Free data backup to retrieve data once lost.

· Money-back guarantee within seven days.

· Free billing software.

· Quality security and protection from malicious activities.


· The service provider needs more information on the website.


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

· Master seller silver $4.99 per month

· Master seller swift $6.99 per month

· Master seller turbo $12.99 per month.

Free services.-You are offered free domain reseller, free data migration, and free unlimited SSL.

4. HostSeo

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


HostSeo was founded in 2004 and has been offering hosting services to clients globally. With many years of experience, HostSeo eliminates the burden of server management and allows your team to focus on growing the business. HostSeo offers flexible Linux hosting plans that allow the creation of customized hosting plans. Once you subscribe, your order is covered within the first 30 days with a money-back guarantee.


· Offers four plans paid annually.

· 100% uptime protection

· Free DDoS protection

· Built-in data back-ups


· HostSeo is among the best master reseller hosting companies, with many years of business and positive reviews from happy clients.

· Your data is protected by HostSeo’s network and uptime guarantee with 1000% compensation downtime.

· You are guaranteed that you will always stay online 24/7.


· Offers several plans for customers to select from.

· Top-notch security.

· Built-in backup plans

· You do not require to hire a SysAdmin


· Customer service is averagely rated.


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

· CPanel reseller hosting $64.95 per year.

· Master reseller hosting $159.95 per year.

· Alpha master reseller $199.95 per year.

Free service– You are guaranteed a free domain reseller for a lifetime, Free DNS, free master domain reseller facilities, and a free WHMCS module.

5. SkyNetHosting

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


SkyNetHosting has everything you need for your website. The Company was founded in 2004. It has served over 10,000 clients in over 140 countries. You are guaranteed daily and weekly automatic backups to ensure your data is safe. You are offered limitless free services that last for a lifetime.


· Offers four plans paid per month.

· Free domain account

· Free data migration

· 3D SSDs to the speed-up hosting process


· One of the only companies that offer you choices regarding the location and variety of plans.

· SkyNetHosting has beginner-friendly features.

· You are provided with the one-time click installer, where you can have over 300 scripts.

· SkyNetHosting comes equipped with 1000 ready website templates.


· Variety of data centers to select from.

· Live chat support.

· Several free services are offered.

· Guaranteed security for your data.


· Prices are slightly high

· The uptime offered is low


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

· US Master reseller 1 $12.45 per month

· US Master reseller 2 $19.95 per month

· US Master reseller 3 $34.95 per month

· US Master reseller 4 $55.95 per month

Free services– Free WHMCS license, domain reseller account, SSL reseller account, SitePad Website builder, and cloud Flare.

6. AtresHost

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


AtresHost is among the latest hosting market. It was founded in December 2018 and currently has centers in the U.S.A, Canada, U.K, and India. However, it offers a variety of hosting plans and affordable prices.


· Offers four plans paid once a month.

· Connection is up to 10 Gbit/s

· Back-up is done after 3 weeks

· Prices listed in Euro form


· Are you looking for a hosting service company offering discounts? AtresHosting is an excellent choice.

· The prices offered are competitive to ensure that all clients can afford them.

· The website uses two languages, Spanish and English.


· 30-day money-back guarantee

· Free discounts offered

· Affordable pricing

· Several centers to choose from.

· Maximum security and protection for your website


· Less experience level


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

· Basic 25 per month

· Advanced 35 per month

· Unlimited 50 per month

· Deluxe 90 per month

Free services– SSL certificates, domain registration, WHMCS licenses, and SiteLock security.

7. AsuraHosting

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


AsuraHosting is a web hosting service that claims to deliver fast, reliable and effective services at affordable prices. Most customers are bloggers, business owners, and web developers. The Company was initiated in 2012. Today, Asura hosts over 8,000 websites. The customer care services are excellent and willing to answer your questions or solve the challenges you experience.


· Variety of payment methods such as bitcoin and PayPal

· 30-Day refund policy

· Help for customers is available around the clock.

· A guaranteed uptime of 99.9%

· Free website migration


· Lack of clear contact details like a telephone number.


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

· Master 1 $9.99 per month

· Master 2 $19.99 per month

· Master 3 $34.99 per month

Free Services– A guaranteed domain that serves you for life after renewing your subscriptions


· Free SSL certificates

· Dedicated IP address

· NVMe/ SSD storage

· Blesta license


· AsuraHosting provides Solid State Drives so that your website can load as fast as possible and is boosted to over 300%. Ideal for database-driven websites like word press.

· Once you pay for the initial plan, you will never experience additional renewal costs when the time comes.

· Blesta installation to help you in the management of company hosting efficiently.

8. IntechCloudHosting

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


IntechCloudHosting Company offers hosting services to help small businesses and enterprise boost their websites. The CompanyCompany guarantees to speed up the website performance and increase the number of visitors. IntechCloudHosting ensures that your website is safe from malicious activities or hacking.


· Offers three plans per month.

· Prices are listed in Kenyan shillings

· Reliable cloud platform


· The Company guarantees that your data is safely hosted in the cloud to prevent any shortcomings.

· There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee that your website never goes at any time.

· The services are easy; you create an account and get started with the help of numerous cPanel tools.


· Several server centers globally.

· Quality customer care support

· DDoS protected

· 24/7 customers support availability

· Malware Guard enabled


· The prices may rise after introducing a new plan.


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

· Shared cloud hosting-KSH139 per month

· Word press cloud hosting-KSH152 per month

· Business cloud hosting- KSH285 per month

Free Services– Most popular domain dimension for free after selecting an annual hosting plan. Free SSL certificate.

9. WebHostbd

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


WebHostbd was founded in 2012, based in Bangladesh, South Asia. The Company has a variety of servers and data centers in the U.S.A. The CompanyCompany offers businesses and individuals hosting plans like reseller hosting, managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. The website is user-friendly to ease the processes of purchasing, services and sharing your suggestions.


· Offers four plans paid per month

· Unlimited database

· 99.9% uptime guarantee

· Easily website and domain account.


· Reliable security services.

· 1-click installer.

· 24/7 customer care availability

· cPanel availability.


· Few data centers.


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

· MR-BasicTK.2,000 per month

· MR-Advance-TK.5,000 per month

· MR-Professional-TK.7,000 per month

· M-Ultimate-TK.10,000 per month

Free Services – Free domain account and SSL certificates
The Company offers cPanel to ensure that your hosting experience is seamless.

The 1-click install application ensures you can install numerous applications via one click.

Lastly, if you are not pleased with the services, you can always get a refund within 30 days.

10. Spatros

Cheap Master Reseller Hosting


Spatros Company allows you to create a private name server on each security plan. The Company has over 709 professional website themes for large categories like blogs, business, portfolio, and travel. The servers are robust to enhance your website’s loading speed, attracting more customers.


· Four plans offered

· Free instant set-up

· Automatic website optimizer

· Daily data back-up

· Prices listed in Euro form


· Spatros offers clients white-label servers that allow them to do what they love.

· There is an automatic website optimizer due to Litespeed to ensure that the website runs efficiently.

· There is daily back-up on Amazon S3 servers to ensure that data can be retrieved easily once lost.


· Real-time protection from threats.

· 24/7 DDoS protection

· Free SLL

· Daily data backup


· Prices are relatively high


Cheap Master Reseller Hosting

· Silver-24.99 Euros

· Gold-34.99 Euros

· Platinum-59.99 Euros

· Diamond-69.99 Euros

Free Services– Free domain account and free site builder

What is cheap master reseller hosting?

Master reseller hosting allows you to tailor-make hosting plans for resellers and end users. If you’re looking to boost your profits, master reseller hosting is the way to go. Cheap master reseller hosting allows you to acquire affordable unlimited reseller hosting. You create numerous accounts and sell them from there, which helps you avoid paying commissions to the parent hosting company. When your clients complain about low networks, you reach out to the parent hosting company, which takes care of every situation on your behalf.

What are the benefits of a master reseller?

Some benefits come along with master reseller hosting, such as;

=> Total control over the service.

As a master reseller, you can easily access the customer’s information, such as account status and billing methods. Therefore, it is possible to run your reseller hosting plans.

=> Full support

As a master reseller, you provide services to your clients thus, you never worry about customer service. Further, you need to hire people which saves the salary costs.


The cheap master reseller hosting companies reviewed above have relative prices and great offers. Some offer discounts, while others offer numerous free services once you purchase a plan. Some companies are for small enterprises, while others are for established businesses.

Before deciding on the Company to select, it is best to evaluate your needs against their offers. You can also compare the advantages you will acquire from each hosting service provider and decide which one to work with.

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